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On average, homes lose about 20 percent of their heat through windows and doors

Replacing windows and doors can reduce drafts and help solve this problem. Not only do they help your home be more energy efficient, they also improve its appearance, resale value, and durability.

These days there are so many new innovations available that not only make windows more energy efficient, but also make them easier to clean and enhance the look of your home. Even window glass itself is using state-of-the-art technology. New coatings actually keep dirt and grime from sticking to the window. This makes them virtually self-cleaning.

The latest in window construction technology includes foam-filled frames and triple weather stripping. These features help reduce drafts and energy use, as well as reduce external noise. Noise reduction is the #1 reason customers buy our windows.

Expert window installation

The single most important feature of new windows is proper installation. If windows aren’t installed properly, you can experience such problems as leaks, drafts, and exterior noise.

Cincinnati Energy Solutions installs over a thousand windows and doors each year as part of our home performance improvement solution. We focus on quality installation to optimize comfort and energy savings. We don’t just replace your windows and doors, we also thoroughly air seal and insulate them to ensure you get the maximum benefit out of your new windows.