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Allow low energy lighting to start chipping away at those utility bills

In the average U.S. home, lighting accounts for about 20 percent of the electric bill. Changing to ENERGY STAR qualified lighting is a bright idea if you want a quick and easy way to save money and energy.

Cincinnati Energy Solutions always recommends replacing the lighting in high-use areas with low energy-consuming lights and fixtures. These include the kitchen ceiling lights, the living or family room table and floor lamps, and outdoor porch or post lamp.

Low energy lighting technology includes compact florescent (CFL) and LED. Both provide bright, warm light while using about 75 percent less energy than standard lighting, producing less heat, and lasting up to 10 to 20 times longer. Also, if you are remodeling, building a new home, or just updating the look of a room, you will also want to consider installing new ENERGY STAR qualified light fixtures.