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Cincinnati Energy Solutions can accurately diagnose all comfort and energy issues in your house with our “Home Comfort and Energy Assessment”

Our highly trained and certified advisors thoroughly inspect, test, safety check, and evaluate all the components of the home, treating it as a completely integrated system, instead of just four walls and appliances.

We take into account the principles of building science, the dynamics of air flow and moisture, and how household equipment interacts with each other and a home’s construction. Knowing how the system works as a whole allows us to accurately pinpoint root causes of problems and then go beyond the usual symptomatic spot repairs and quick fixes.

After fully assessing your home, we provide a detailed report, options and costs for a customized solution, as well as predicted energy savings and guarantees. We also assist you in selecting the energy improvements that will be the best investments for your home and family, and help you secure low interest financing or government and utility company incentives to off-set the costs.

Ordinarily a home energy analysis leaves you dangling without a clear roadmap to results. Not so with Cincinnati Energy Solutions. We handle your project from start to finish.

Once you’ve selected a course of action, an experienced Cincinnati Energy Solutions installation crew performs the entire scope of work. As a single-source home performance provider, you only have to deal with Cincinnati Energy Solutions– you don’t have to hassle with bidding and managing multiple contractors and their schedules. This one-stop approach saves you time and money, and ensures you receive the highest quality results as quickly as possible.

We also “test-out” every job, using many of the same tests we used in the initial assessment, to make sure the house is performing correctly and safely. You should insist on this from any contractor!