Attic Encapsulation

Cincinnati Energy Solutions offers attic encapsulation services for residential and commercial buildings throughout the Cincinnati, Ohio metro region. Attic encapsulation is a cost-effective building energy upgrade that can lead to a significant improvement in comfort as well as significant energy reductions, and is a wise choice for a range of building types.

What Is Attic Encapsulation?

Attic encapsulation includes insulation as well as air sealing, creating an air barrier and thermal boundary between the attic and the living space that can have a substantial impact on a home’s energy consumption and comfort.

Attic encapsulation is different from simply adding insulation because it includes the addition of an air seal, or an air barrier, between the living space and the attic. This process typically includes some combination of caulking, spray foam, and/or the inclusion of a barrier to prevent the movement of air between the attic and the living space. Additionally, attic encapsulation includes added insulation to reduce the transfer of heat from the living space to the attic.

The Cincinnati Energy Solutions Difference:

Cincinnati Energy Solutions is a trusted local contractor with experience and qualifications in home energy improvements that exceed the vast majority of our competitors. During each of our home energy upgrade projects, including attic insulation and encapsulation, we take great care to ensure that all upgrades are done properly and up to the standards of the latest in building science.

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