Cincinnati Energy Solutions are experts in energy efficiency for residential and small business applications

We offer multiple layers of service from building evaluations and home energy analysis to full efficiency upgrades including the installation of renewables. We have a variety of backgrounds in our ownership and management that allows us to genuinely be able to evaluate a building and offer a range of efficiency upgrades that can increase the comfort level of the building and show you payback and savings at the same time. Our team’s background encompasses environmental engineering technology, renewable energy and energy efficiency, general contracting and certified HVAC technicians.


We are 100% Building Analyst certified by the BPI (Building Performance Institute Inc.), the nationally accepted standard in Building Performance Contracting. We also have on staff  B.P.I. certified Residential Building Envelope Whole House Air Leakage Control Installers, and certified installers of various airsealing and weatherization products. Cincinnati Energy Solutions is dedicated to grass roots education of the community about energy efficiency and reducing the worldwide carbon foot print. We are proud affiliates of the GCEA (Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance), a local non-profit dedicated to educating the community on energy efficiency and providing them with ways to facilitate making smart choices.